Fork the repository

In order to start building your website, you need to create your own repository first. A repository is the space where your website’s files are saved. You will be using a fork -that is, a copy- of TowerBuilder’s original repository.

  1. You need sign in to If you don’t have an account, you can create one over here.

    Disclaimer: is a Microsoft Inc. subsidiary that provides git repositories hosting and web hosting services in a free and simple way. That’s why we chose to use it for posting this project and our organization’s code.

  2. GitHub will require an e-mail verification. For more information, you can read the official documentation.

  3. In order to fork the repository, you need to browse to the repository’s home and click on “fork”, on the upper-right corner of the page. This will create a new page under your user, as in Now, you’ll start working there, and you’ll be allowed to modify files and publish sites. For further reading, check GitHub article about how to fork a repository. You can also read about forks in general.

  4. To add outside collaborators, so they can edit data and texts, you must configure your repository according to the GitHub documentation.