Why is the graphic not showing?

It could be because contracts.json is not formatted properly. Please refer to our documentation to help you check any errors.

Why are my articles not showing in the graphic?

Check that each article name is in the right format or correctly linked, as we explain here.

Why is my text or article format broken?

Check that the file has an .md format.

Check if the file has the right header, as we explain here.

Check you’re using items that accept Markdown format. You can look through the official documentation over here.

I have another issue

If you find any problem that isn’t contemplated in this manual, or if you need help creating your website, you can get in touch with PODER through the following e-mail address: info@quienesquien.wiki.

On the other hand, you can also report an issue to GitHub through the following link: https://github.com/ProjectPODER/TowerBuilder/issues.