Define your site’s address

By default, your username and the repository name will be shown on your website URL address once it’s published. It should be:

  1. If you wish to change your_username, you can change your username or create an organization account in Github and choose the organization when you fork the repository. If you’ve already created the repository, you can move it to the organization account.
  2. If you wish to change the TowerBuilder part, you can rename the repository.
  3. allows the use of custom domains, you can check the documentation here.

Using a custom subdomain

To use a custom subdomain, you need to modify its DNS. You can do it on the website where the domain has been registered.

You need to add a CNAME that takes you to For more details, check GitHub’s documentation.

Important: Don’t use the same URL as in the original repository because you won’t be able to see the site.