Give your own style to your website

You can customize the style of TowerBuilder. You can change color, typography, home page background image, and text size.

To edit styles, open _variables.scss, located in _sass/. In this file, you’ll find some variables you can modify.

The file is a .scss, which is a version of CSS. It is comprised of a series of variables with its values. Each line starts with a variable name, and a colon (:) followed by a value.

$variable: value

Never change the variables names, only change the value after the colon.

Change the colors

These are the color default variables:

$blue:    #007bff !default;
$indigo:  #6610f2 !default;
$purple:  #6f42c1 !default;
$pink:    #e83e8c !default;
$red:     #dc3545 !default;
$orange:  #fd7e14 !default;
$yellow:  #ffc107 !default;
$green:   #28a745 !default;
$teal:    #20c997 !default;
$cyan:    #17a2b8 !default;

Web colors are expressed in hexadecimal, for example: #007bff.

You can modify the default color tones changing its hexadecimal value or, just for the colors section, adding variables with new colors. For example:

To change the tone, change
$blue:    #007bff !default;
$blue:    #0056b2 !default;

To add a new color
$turquoise: #40e0d0;

TowerBuilder main color is defined in the $primary variable, default color is $blue. If you want to change color, just replace it with any color you want:

$primary:       $blue !default;
$primary:       $turquoise !default;

Or leave it as it is, if you just changed the color tone.

We recommend you this website to find the colors hexadecimal codes.

Changing the preloader colors

The preloader appears when the slider and the visualization are loading, to change the colors you just have to place the color you want in the next variables:

$preloader-color1: #1ee6d3;
$preloader-color2: #343a40;
$preloader-color3: $primary;

Changing the home page background image

The background image is defined by the $bgHome variable:

$bgHome : "./img/bg-masthead.jpg";
  1. To change it, you’ll need to copy the image file to the folder assets/img/, in jpg or png format.

  2. Then, go to _variables.scss and edit the $bgHome variable:

    Change the Default
    $bgHome : "./img/bg-masthead.jpg";
    $bgHome : "./img/your-file-name.jpg";

Changing favicon

  1. Replace the file on the project root, named favicon.png, with your favicon. It must have the same name and, preferably, 32 x 32 pixels.

Mobile-friendly visualization

By default, the 3-visualization-slider.html file has configured the option “responsive” as “true” for better browsing experience on mobile devices:

layout: default
title: Visualization
permalink: /visualization/
responsive: true

Visualization needs to display properly in mobile devices. To achieve this, you’ll have to turn each visualization into image (.png or .jpg) once you have your graphic, add the images into the folder assets/img/, then add the name of your image on each corresponding slide header. For example:

title: First Slide
image: your-graphic.png -> Add the name of your image.

You can also deactivate the “responsive” option and avoid placing the image in each slide, just delete all the line responsive: true in the file header 3-visualization-slider.html and delete the entire line that begins with image: from the header of each slide.